Monday, September 3, 2007

Jose P. Laurel

Jose P. Laurel
Philippine President

"A nation fights for independence and tries to
achieve the maximum of safety, not only because
it is its God-given right to be independent and free
from molestation but because without freedom and
security, it does not have full opportunity to work
out it own destiny."
-Jose P. Laurel

"Truthfulness, honesty, justice and charity are
qualities of the man of character."
-Jose P. Laurel

"We should realize that national and individual
progress can only be attained through work, more
work, and more hard hard work."
-Jose P. Laurel

"Strong of will and true of honor, the leader,
like magnet, attracts, respects, and commands
-Jose P. Laurel

"There is one eternal God, Creator and
Sustainer of the universe."
-Jose P. Laurel

"How can we love our country?
Not by words but by deeds."
-Jose P. Laurel

"The starting point in life and education is
the recognition of and faith in one eternal God,
the Creator and Sustainer of the universe."
-Jose P. Laurel

"Honor is closely associated with virtue and
finds its most sublime expression in defense of
the purity of womanhood."
-Jose P. Laurel

"Under modern condition, with economic product-
ivity as the paramount concern of every
An unhealthy man is not only an unhappy man,
he is also a forfeited economic asset of the
-Jose P. Laurel

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